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PS4 Disc drive repairs blu ray laser
Playstation 4 PS4 Not reading disc or Eject issues disc drive Repair
12 month warranty on all PS4 Disc drive repairs $45 Brand NEW Genuine Sony parts for all repairs. Since we are repairing your PS4 console you get to keep all your data. We have a Australia wide pickup repair and deliver system for you PS4 repair.
We provide a FREE Quotation for all repairs, for further information ring us on the numbers bellow.
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WA,SA,NT: 08 63369470
PS4 turns on and operate fine but the PS4 would not play/read any games or would not eject or take discs in. Also in many cases it may read the disc and startup just fine but in a few minutes it will eject the disc out.
How we help with these issues:
Even though the PS4 machine look rather large the disc drive inside is very small and inside the disc drive it is a bit like inside a table clock it has cogs, belts and arms needs to be very precise for the disc drive to operate correctly. A simple thing as pushing a disc in too hard can put things out of alignment causing it not to work properly. If this is the case you are looking at a cost of $45-$65 depends how bad it is inside.
In some cases the Blu ray lasers are gone or very weak if that is the case it will cost $85-$98 depending on the model of the laser in your console.
With Auto eject issues some time the problem is in the disc drive alignment or cogs broken if so it cost $45-$65 to fix and many case it is not disc drive related at all. It is the two sensor or the sensing parts of the main board for the power and eject buttons and it is a simple case of these sensors telling the main circuit board that you have touched the eject button or power button even though you have not. If this is the case usually you can hear three beep sound before it ejects the disc out. If we can replace the sensors and fix this issue you are looking at a cost of $45-$65 depends on one sensor or two but if it turns out to be a major main board repair you are looking up to $144 to repair your console. Almost every one of these cases we have managed to keep all our customer data intact and safe.
Pickup Repair deliver
All the prices on our web site includes pickup repair and deliver depending on your street address some areas we pickup from your house itself and some areas we send you a label on an email and we need you to drop off at a drop off point at the nearest town center, we take over from there and once the repairs are completed we deliver to your door step. Once it gets to our repair center our technicians will test your PS4 console and contact you let you know prices and that is when you make the decision to go ahead and make the payment.
You can pay us via internet bank transfer, Bank cheque, money orders or pay cash at a Common Wealth bank branch. For payment option please read our F.A.Q section.
How can Sony help:
Sony has recently posted some information on diagnostics and few steps to take in quick fixes to remedy some of these issues please find the link bellow.
How to diagnose and remedy Auto eject problem - please Note these steps are only a remedy not a hardware repair
How to diagnose and remedy not reading discs problem - please Note these steps are only a remedy not a hardware repair
Please be aware the side manual eject screw should only be used in a case where a disc is stuck in your console as a result of the console not powering up. If you turn this screw if there is something stuck inside your console or while the unit is turned on you can do serious damage to the disc drive.
If all these remedies fail Sony does not offer a service to repair your console instead they offer to replace it with a Re-manufactured console (working parts from non working consoles put together to make a working console) for a prepaid fee of $269 (price is subject to change and take from 1st Jan 2017) with 3 months warranty. All your data in your console will be lost since the re-manufactured console will come as a fresh formatted unit. After the 3 months if the console develop any fault you will be facing to start the whole process again. If any issues within the three months warranty period they will replace with another re-manufactured console and all data will be lost.


Cost for us to repair your console with warranty
Most of the time we can just realign blu ray laser and service drive get the console working and it will cost $65, in some cases the lasesrs require replacement and it can cost $65-$85 depending on the model of the laser in your console and the worst case if we have to replace the entire Blue Ray disc drive with a Brand NEW drive or major main board repair you are looking at $144.
Disclaimer: Please Note all information on this page relating to external Companies and services provided by other companies remain to be at their discretion. All information is dated 1st of January 2017 and are subject to change.