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Playstation 4 PS4 HDMI Port Repair
12 month warranty on all PS4 HDMI port repairs $65 Brand NEW Genuine Sony parts for all repairs. Since we are repairing your PS4 console you get to keep all your data. We have a Australia wide pickup repair and deliver system for you PS4 repair.
We provide a FREE Quotation for all repairs, for further information ring us on the numbers bellow.
NSW,ACT : 02 84056880
WA,SA,NT: 08 63369470
PS4 turns on makes all correct sounds but nothing shows up on the screen or visible problems at the HDMI port, where you can see the pinns on the HDMI port itself damaged.
How we help with these issues:
Some cases it is simple as resetting the PS4 display settings may fix the issue and you can do this yourself by following instructions you can find on PlayStation website . If after resetting the display settings if it still does not display anything you may have a operating system issue or damage to the HDMI port on the main board. If it is a operating system related issue it will cost $65.00. If the HDMI port is damaged and if it is only up to two pins on the HDMI port we may be able to bend them back get it working again and it will cost $45, if the whole HDMI port needs to be replaced with a Brand New HDMI port you are looking at a cost of $65 and if it is a major repair to the main board it would costs up to $144.00.
Pickup Repair deliver
All the prices on our web site includes pickup repair and deliver depending on your street address some areas we pickup from your house itself and some areas we send you a label on an email and we need you to drop off at a drop off point at the nearest town center, we take over from there and once the repairs are completed we deliver to your door step. Once it gets to our repair center our technicians will test your PS4 console and contact you let you know prices and that is when you make the decision to go ahead and make the payment.
You can pay us via internet bank transfer, Bank cheque, money orders or pay cash at a Common Wealth bank branch. For payment option please read our F.A.Q section.
How can Sony help:
How to diagnose and remedy no video on TV problem - Please note some of the instruction may destroy your data in the PS4 console and they are not retrievable.
If all these remedies fail Sony does not offer a service to repair your console instead they offer to replace it with a Re-manufactured console (working parts from non working consoles put together to make a working console) for a prepaid fee of $269 (price is subject to change and take from 1st Jan 2017) with 3 months warranty. All your data in your console will be lost since the re-manufactured console will come as a fresh formatted unit.
After the 3 months if the console develop any fault you will be facing to start the whole process again. If any issues within the three months warranty period they will replace with another re-manufactured console and all data will be lost.


Cost for us to repair your console with warranty
Most of the time we can just realign blu ray laser and service drive get the console working and it will cost $65, in some cases the lasesrs require replacement and it can cost $65-$85 depending on the model of the laser in your console and the worst case if we have to replace the entire Blue Ray disc drive with a Brand NEW drive or major main board repair you are looking at $144.
Can you fix it your self?
We get asked this question many times and also we have helped people to get their consoles working when a DIY gone wrong. This procedure to replace a HDMI surface mounted soldered components require both expert knowledge and specialised equipment not only to get the soldering done correctly but also to protect other highly sensitive components on the main-board from getting damaged.
Here is some of the vital equipment for a successful repair or replacement of a PS4 HDMI port.
Soldering station required for PS4 HDMI replacement
The SMD solder rework station with heat monitor and control with antistatic system you are looking at spending around $750 for the cheapest ones. item was available as on 01 Jan 2017 may not be available at all times)
Anti Static equipment needed for PS4 HDMI port replacement
Also antistatic earthing device for humans is around $100 that connect to the wall plug. item was available as on 01 Jan 2017 may not be available at all times)
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