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Terms and conditions
Privacy of personal information
In accordance with Privacy Act (1988) Global Consoles will not disclose any of the above information collected to any other party except for Australian Government Authorities at an event of criminal or consumer trade matter. Global Consoles will only use the communication details disclosed by the customer for the above mentioned repair only.
Please do not include unnecessary accessories as cable and controllers when you package your unit for repairs unless the fault is related to accessory. If you ignore this note and include accessories you may incur extra freight fees. The above serial number may be changed depending on the parts we may have to replace in order to get your console functional again. We may replace other parts to repair your unit if found faulty and may not inform you unless we intend to charge extra money for the extra parts we have to replace.
Console returning back
When the consoles are returned after repairs we deliver via a courier service signature on delivery required in accordance to Australian Consumer regulations, therefore receiver has to sign for the package if the delivery driver miss the receiver they will leave a card for you and return the article to the nearest Australia Post branch where the receiver can arrange to pickup. Failure to pick up the article within 48 hours may result in the article returned back to Global Consoles and if this occur freight costs may apply for redelivery. If a customer decides against a repair and wish to have the defective console return back there will be $35 freight cost required to be paid prior to return of the console.
Please note the packaging you use to send console in may not be the same coming back to you for health and saftey reasons.
Failure to contact
In accordance with “Disposing of low-value uncollected goods” after diagnostic of a console we can only hold a console in storage for a period of 28 days and if the customer fails to contact us (telephone or email preferably email) or arrange payment within this time period it may result in the disposal of the console since it has been calculated the storage costs exceeds the value of the console. Please consider this statement as a written notification of intent to dispose if the above conditions are not met.