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XBOX 360 disc drive repair

XBOX 360 drive repair

XBOX 360 disc drive repair
XBOX 360 drive Repair
12 month warranty on all XBOX 360 repairs $45 Microsoft parts for all repairs. Since we are repairing your XBOX 360 console so you get to keep all your data. We have a Australia wide pickup repair and deliver system for you XBOX 360 repair.
We provide a FREE Quotation for all repairs, for further information ring us on the numbers bellow.
NSW,ACT : 02 84056880
WA,SA,NT: 08 63369470
Xbox 360 console turns on and operates as usual but either the tray would not eject or if the tray does eject and when you insert a disc it would not read the disc and “Open tray” message appears on screen.
How we help with these issues:
Some times to fix the open tray or unreadable disc this error all we have to do is reallign the laser and service the disc drive it cost $45 to do so, some times the lasers require replacement and that cost $45-$65 depends on the model of the laser in your console and worse case if we have to replace the entire drive with a NEW disc Drive it is $85.00 supplied and fitted Same goes with stuck disc issue if we can fix you drive it cost less.
Pickup Repair deliver
All the prices on our web site includes pickup repair and deliver depending on your street address some areas we pickup from your house itself and some areas we send you a label on an email and we need you to drop off at a drop off point at the nearest town center, we take over from there and once the repairs are completed we deliver to your door step. Once it gets to our repair center our technicians will test your XBOX 360 console and contact you let you know prices and that is when you make the decision to go ahead and make the payment.
You can pay us via internet bank transfer, Bank cheque, money orders or pay cash at a Common Wealth bank branch. For payment option please read our F.A.Q section.
Cost for us to repair your console with warranty
$45.00 for reallignment service or $45-$65 for new laser Parts and labor or as worst case $85 if major repair is required.
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